"My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Corey from Jurassic Sound & Light as our wedding DJ. I cannot speak enough about how thankful we are to have had him! Corey is professional, experienced, courteous and incredibly adept at his craft.

From the moment decided to go with Jurassic Sound and Light we knew that every moment would be perfectly timed and appropriate to the wedding... and we were never let down. We discovered that the most difficult quality to find in a wedding vendor is having someone that does their job so seamlessly that the wedding party doesn't even notice that they're there. We found that to more than accurately describe the product Corey gave us.

We asked for speakers during the ceremony so that everyone could hear the whole event and the sound provided was better than we could have imagined. The background music was upbeat and fun during dinner but soft and non-obtrusive and Corey kept the party going all night with an amazing dance mix that kept our guests from wanting to leave the dance floor for even one song. I even made a special request, which I am sure is every DJ's nightmare, to have my favorite artist played as often as possible throughout the night. Corey made sure that it happened and even then it never felt overplayed because of the magic he put into his work.

I have had countless guests come to me to rave about my DJ and they're all dying to know where I found such a gem. In regards to the product he provided on the day of the wedding, Corey comes highly recommended by myself, my husband, our entire families and every wedding guest in attendance. Coming from the standpoint of a stressed out bride who had a hundred other things to worry about, Corey was a breath of fresh air in regards to professionalism and making sure our day was everything we dreamed and more. You will not regret your choice to hire him and you will definitely be more than happy with what he brings to the table."